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When We Get Your Site Onto The First Page, We Want It To Say There. That’s Why We Use Ethical SEO Services

First page ranking on the search engines is a big deal, and you’ll feel proud when you get there. More so, you’ll be proud you used ethical SEO services. Many businesses have achieved this before, building their operations around that first-page success. However, when the search engines make a core update to their algorithm, often that ranking disappears, along with their business.

Why might this be the case, you may well ask? The answer to this is simple answer. They, or their SEO services expert, have been using questionable tactics to achieve a first page position. They may get away with it initially, and reap the rewards. However, when Google, Bing, or some other search engine catches on to their tactics, they lose out, BIGLY!

How We Help You Get On The First Page

It is important to future-proof your site from these routine core updates. They happen with no fixed schedule, and although they are announced, the details are usually vague. So, you will not when or how they might effect you. Generally, the first, and often only, indication is when your site suddenly tanks from the first page into oblivion. For this reason, 1st Page Content & SEO only engage in what we like to call Ethical SEO.

When you engage in ethical SEO services, it doesn’t matter what the search engines do with their core updates, you will maintain your site position. We only practice SEO tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that we would be happy to discuss or show to the CEO of Google, Bing, Yahoo et al. Because, all of our SEO TTPs are ethical, and always will be.

If you are working with a SEO who thinks that they are doing something clever, or believes they can trick the search engine, BEWARE! Guess what? They cannot, and your site will suffer. Yes, it may be exciting to shoot to the top of the rankings real quick, and you might have a lot of fun doing it. But, don’t let you your continued business success count on it.

Us, well we just graft! We roll our sleeves up, and we work on providing the best ethical SEO services possible. Yep, a bit boring really! So, maybe you’re happy to take a little bit longer to get onto the first page. Moreover, you might like the confidence of knowing they will not kick you off for doing something dodgy. If so, give 1st Page Content & SEO a call today.

Audience Targeting

seo northern Ireland - audience targeting

To begin with, you need to know the people you want to target. Targeting the wrong audience can be a waste of time, effort and money. (Read on)

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Research

Have you ever wondered how your competitors have got that top spot on all the search engines? .Conducting competitor analysis will (Read on)

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

It is not only the keywords you choose, but how they are used within your content which is critical. Keyword research is an essential part of online success (Read on)

Creative Writing

First Page SEO - Creative Writing

To achieve first page content and SEO in Ireland, your writing should be creative. Write for Real – written by real people, for real people. (Read on)

Niche Focus

niche focus

Niche Focus.

Voice Search Content

voice search content

Voice Search Content

Domain Authority

domain authority

Domain Authority

Video Content

Video Content

Video Content


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