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Audience Targeting

seo northern Ireland - audience targeting

The best SEO in Northern Ireland includes Audience-Targeting. However great getting loads of traffic to your site feels, it is only beneficial if it is the right traffic. So, this is why it is critical that you conduct Audience Targeting as part of your SEO and Content Marketing.

Let’s say you are regularly getting tons of unique visitors to your site every day. Of these people, a large proportion may not be looking for your goods or services, so may ‘bounce’ after a brief visit. So, these people are actually doing you more harm than good. How, you may ask? The answer is that your site will be penalised because the search engine will assume that the content of your site is irrelevant or not engaging, as a large proportion of you visitors are leaving quickly.

It is not necessarily due to your content being poor quality, but that you are targeting the wrong type of audience. For instance, if you are selling high-octane adventure holidays, you do not necessarily want to have a large proportion of pensioners making up your audience.

Why Is Audience-Targeting Crucial?

Having Audience-Targeting as part of SEO in Northern Ireland ensures you are getting the right people visiting your site. So, you’ll have potential customers from age groups for which your products or services are designed. Also, these people will be from the geographical areas that your business covers. Additionally, they will have the right level of interest in your products or services to make a purchase. Hence, you will have a higher chance of keeping those people on your site. So, they will be interested in your content, view you as an authority, and be more likely to become a customer.

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