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First Page SEO - Creative Writing

To achieve first page content and SEO in Northern Ireland includes your content needs to contain creative writing. Because, how many times have you visited a website and immediately bounced away from it? Chances are, quite a few times and it is probably a frequent occurrence. So, it seems that too many websites have duplicate content, or text that has been ‘written’ by automated bots.

Now, I don’t care how ‘intelligent’ people claim these bots to be, they are artificial, and so is their content. Moreover, when you read the text it’s easy to tell that it’s been written by a robot. Do you want your audience to reading something a robot has written? I wouldn’t have thoughts so as that would insult their intelligence.

Write For Real – First Page Content and SEO in Ireland

So, how should your content be written? That’s simple, write creatively. We have a simple writing principle here at 1st Page Content & SEO, and that is Write For Real. By writing for real, we produce content that is unique, and engaging.

When your content is unique, it will stand out more to the search engines compared to text that has been duplicated from elsewhere. A classic example of this is product descriptions. So many sellers simply use the manufacturer’s product description to promote their goods. However, so is everyone else who is selling those products. If there are 100 identical descriptions of a mobile phone model, and one unique description of the same product, which one is likely to spike the interest of the search engines?

Also, when you write, make it engaging. Telling your audience the same thing that everyone else is will achieve two things. Firstly, the search engines will recognise it as being the same. Secondly, and more importantly, your audience will probably have heard it before. If this is the case they are likely to ‘bounce’ away from your site immediately. Search engines hate website with a high ‘bounce’ rate. So, keep your audience engaged with well-written, engaging content.

Including creative writing in your content will improve SEO and get you onto the first page in search engine results for Northern Ireland. At 1st Page Content and SEO, we can deliver content that is unique and engaging. We write for real, to make sure you are on the first page.

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