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Keyword Research

The best content marketing and SEO in Northern Ireland needs to include keyword research. It is not merely choosing the higher level keyword categories that you believe your business falls into. There is much more involved if you are to choose the best keywords maximise online performance. Using First Page Content and SEO, will ensure you’re using the best keywords. We will also ensure that they are used correctly in your content.

What do we mean by the right keywords? Strangely, when it comes to online presence or e-commerce, many companies do not understand where their business sits. When we ask clients what keywords they want to target we often find them aiming at the highest level. For instance, we worked with an Independent Financial Advisor recently. They stated that they wanted one of their focus keywords to be ‘Insurance’. The reason being because they recommend life insurance policies to their clients. However, using this keyword would have potentially produced search results for car, buildings, contents, travel insurance, and so on. Clearly, a waste of time, energy, and money for our financial advisor.

That is where our keyword research will help your business. We will research targeted keywords based on several factors. These factors include your service or products, your target area, and your targeted demographic. We will also consider the amount of impressions that keyword receives and the competition for that keyword. This last point is critical – there is little point targeting a keyword that an industry giant already ‘owns’. A better approach is to find a ‘long-tail’ keyword that you can ‘own’ yourself.

To conclude, keyword research is essential to the best content SEO. Ensure that your SEO experts are conducting it, to get your business ranked on the first page.

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